Usage of funds

Every amount you donate will be utilized against the achievement of the following:

Vidyaloke: In its literal sense it means the ‘light of knowledge’. The foundation has rekindled interest in Indian wisdom in an eclectic mix of people in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi. Indian wisdom cannot be attributed to a religion and thus its propagation is not a religious activity. Indian wisdom is deeply rooted in spirituality which too is not religion specific. We have tried to send the message of introspection and meditation to assist us all in discovering our true being and how we can uplift ourselves in this life. The sessions at these events are led by a Guru to facilitate understanding and assimilation.

Indian Culture: Indian culture is a manifestation of its fine and performance arts, languages, dresses and our conduct in the way we greet and meet each other. Through the platform of ‘Vidyaloke’, we have showcased Indian music and Indian art through its highly accomplished and acclaimed practitioners in the three events at Mumbai and Delhi.